Asset Management Value Realisation Lead

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Role Overview

Reporting to the Business Capability & Information Manger, the Asset Management Value Realisation Lead is responsible for the delivery and management of organisational change within Base Services and the MOD Estates Intelligent Customer Group (EICG) resulting from the Team Portsmouth branded Asset Management Improvement Programme.

The Asset Management Change Lead will be integral to the development of the asset management improvements to ensure requirements for different user communities are built into designed solutions to both ease the change process and enable maximum value to be extracted from the overall people, process, tools & information based new enterprise architecture.

The Asset Management Change Lead will guide and coach internal and customer teams through the Change process to ensure changes to teams’ focus, outputs, responsibilities, ways of working are communicated, understood, accepted and implemented.

Core Activity

  • Coaching senior leaders in critical change methods to ensure consistent and workable team management through the change period; minimising business risk.
  • Design and implement suitable assessment methods to allow the size and nature of change to be continually monitored along with risk and opportunities.
  • Defining user community definitions & purposes and then understanding user community requirements for enterprise architecture solution aspects; what do they need in order to both undertake their prescribed function and to perform highly in doing so.
  • Ensure an effective uptake of the change across internal and customer teams using skills and experience in conflict/resistance management to identify and minimise impact of these risks through the programme.
  • Identifying, understanding and capturing existing inefficiencies, pinch points, pain points across the Base Services and EICG organisations.
  • Providing expert guidance to the wider Asset Management System (AMS) solution team to support development of solutions to address existing ways of working issues.
  • Defining ways of working documentation including BMS documents
  • Assessing user community change management requirements in order to lead the deployment of communications management strategy and work with our communications team to tailor change project messages through cross team channels.
  • Defining and maintaining change management documentation
  • Production and dissemination of communication material to support the asset management improvement programme
  • Delivering change management awareness training to individuals in management roles across Base Services and EICG
  • Being the stakeholders’ key point of contact for change management in Base Services and the EICG.
  • Managing the reporting of the change project, providing regular updates to senior leadership team on progress, schedule, & SWOT.

Key Accountabilities

  • Providing expertise in change management across Base Services.
  • Producing, agreeing and driving the change programme required to successfully deliver the wider asset management improvement programme.
  • Putting in place mechanisms to reinforce and embed organisational and cultural change.
  • Developing and managing the implementation of a Sponsorship roadmap, including identification of current sponsors, their impact on the programme, and strategy for managing those relationships through to successful implementation of the change.
  • Ensuring user community needs are met in the AMS development by others to improve system interfaces, configuration and usability
  • Ensure individuals understand their role in, and contribution towards, the new Asset Management System.
  • Writing and managing the change management training plan to ensure all training requirements are identified and supported in good time and with sufficient detail to support the broad stakeholder base.
  • Ensuring existing ways of working issues are addressed within the wider asset management improvement programme.
  • Provide change management and improvement expertise to the AMS solution team to guide the development of solutions to existing ways of working across the Base Enterprise Architecture.
  • Ensuring the change management solution drives the feeling of asset ownership into the appropriate business areas and individuals, ensuring ‘ownership’ of aspects including data & documentation, performance & output, safety, legislative compliance, availability & reliability, maintenance & operation.
  • Undertaking ‘enough’ outward facing change management activity to ensure changes introduced ‘stick’ across the Team Portsmouth enterprise.


Qualifications/Functional Knowledge

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • The incumbent must have a relevant qualification in either Asset Management or Change Management.
  • The incumbent should be a member of a change management or asset management professional body (e.g. The Change Management Institute, or The IAM).
  • The incumbent could hold Chartered status or equivalent with an appropriate institution.


  • Experience of managing organisational change alongside an overarching improvement programme.
  • Experience supporting change within a customer organisation
  • Experience managing and implementing change in a mixed professional and industrial environment.
  • An understanding of asset management, engineering, construction project & facilities management within a defence environment would be advantageous

Skills & Behaviours:

  • Ability to rationalise complex organisation relationships into a coherent plan, communicating this to internal and external stakeholders at all levels.
  • Ability to challenge the status quo and deliver cohesive change to the Base Services and Estates Intelligent Customer Group (EICG) organisations.
  • Strong communication, facilitation and issue resolution skills to drive the Base Services’ and the EICG’s change programme.
  • Perceived as a champion for continuous improvement & change management.
  • Ability to see the bigger picture and inspire the trust of others when making positive steps into the unknown to realise wider operational efficiency.
  • Comfortable & competent working with internal senior business stakeholders to agree change management actions.
  • Acts as a role model for desired behaviours and sets consistent standards and expectations.


Companies: BAE Systems
Locations: Portsmouth (Hampshire)

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